About Us

About us

Our Web Hosting Philosophy

Our values lay in providing amazing service to our clients and setting them up to succeed and win with their business. 

We started hosting websites for our clients when GoDaddy, Bluehost, iPage and other popular hosts, started showing they didn’t care. When their servers weren’t setup with the latest technologies, were consumed with hackings and errors, we knew we had to do something.

We wanted to offer hosting where the server managers were easy to reach. Where the company that worked on your website had easy access to it and could respond and fix any issue customers have. We wanted up-to-date technologies that would stop our clients’ websites from being hacked. We wanted hosting built for WordPress, speed, and security. And we wanted to provide a great service as well. 

Most of our clients, want nothing to do with their hosting and that’s fine by us. With our hosting we do free migration, get your site hooked up and running perfect, and you never have to see or touch a thing. But if you or anyone needs access, we can provide it, no problem!

That’s why we are here.

Your website is so important to your business so it’s so important to make sure it is setup right!

Hannah Fitzgerald, Owner

MarvelousWeb Hosting is a subsidiary of MarvelousWeb Media where we provide outstanding web design, logo design, web/mobile app development, and consulting services for well-established businesses.